EXAMPLE: Let’s say you’re in the market for a two-wheeled mode of transportation. You basically have two options; a bicycle and a motorcycle.

In a search to buy your new ride you discover one of each of these options are available to purchase. Both options, the bicycle and motorcycle, meet the criteria. They each have two wheels and provide a service of mobility.

The sale price for the bicycle is $50 and the sale price for the motorcycle is $100 (not likely but for the sake of argument, stick with us). Which one should you buy?

If you’re strictly a price shopper you may opt for the bicycle. After all it is half the price of the motorcycle!

If you’re a more savvy shopper we’ll bet you’re going to pick the motorcycle. Why? Because its a better value even though it has a higher price tag.

Unlike the stark difference between price and value in the above example, the same concept is important when hiring a local roofing contractor. A smart consumer is always going to weigh their options when comparing price and value. But unlike the bicycle and motorcycle, sometimes the better value isn’t as obvious.

What are some of the values to consider when hiring a local roofer? What are you actually buying that might come with a higher price tag? Sometimes the differences are simple to find but other times, not so much.

After comparing roof replacement estimates side-by-side, you know company X is including A, B, and C and company Y is also including A, B, and C. So why aren’t the free roofing estimates the same exact price? Sometimes the better value isn’t always something you can learn from a free estimate alone.

The easiest way to determine, what is of value, is to ask yourself: “what is important to me? 


Are you looking for a local roofer that is going to answer your phone call anytime you have a question? 


Is having a clean job-site, after having your roof replaced, high on your priority list?


Maybe hiring a roofer who sticks to a schedule is most important to you.


What happens if something goes wrong? Will your roofer cut and run?


Sadly not every roofer has proven they know what they’re doing. Are you ready for them to learn the ropes on your roof?


Unfortunately, sometimes the lowest roof estimate doesn’t always include all of the best values to consider when hiring a professional roofer for a complete roof replacement. Sometimes the differences aren’t as obvious as buying a motorcycle instead of a bicycle.

Looking for a local roofer that has the best price AND the best value? Contact Piney Orchard Roofing today for your free roof replacement estimate and get the best of both price and value for your upcoming roof replacement project. We guarantee you that if you can find another estimate of the same value, we will beat their price! 

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