1. Your Family’s Health and Safety

If your roof is old or significantly damaged, it can make for an unsafe environment. Individual shingles may feel light enough in your hand but stack enough of them together and their combined weight can be as heavy as a small automobile. Addressing warning signs in a timely manner, inspecting your roof regularly, conducting routine maintenance and ultimately replacing your roof if necessary can make your family safer.

Mold and mildew caused by trapped moisture in older roofs can cause health-related issues – especially in children – if not addressed in a timely manner. Some of these include allergic reactions and difficulty breathing.

  1. Return On Investment

A new roof provides one of the best ROI’s around. If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, you could see between 65% and 70% return on your investment. Some warranties are even transferrable after purchase. Just make sure you pick the best roofing company for the job.

  1. New Technology

If your roof hasn’t been replaced in 15 years or more, the new technology available will likely be several generations more advanced than what was available at your last reroofing. This could mean energy savings, more attractive styles, and an even longer life expectancy.

  1. Curb Appeal

Realtors estimate that as much as 40% of your home’s curb appeal is linked to your roof. If you’re considering selling your home, a new roof could be the difference between a prospective buyer making an offer.

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty

New roofs carry a manufacturer’s warranty but only if the installation is performed by a licensed contractor. Warranties vary depending on the manufacturer and the contractor you choose. We offer a 5-year warranty on all labor for complete roof replacements. For complete roof replacements that use select products, those materials carry a lifetime warranty.

  1. Your Home Will Look Better

If there’s visible damage to your existing roof, a roof replacement can make your home look like new. Add a new gutter system and your home won’t only look great but it’ll be better protected from the elements.

  1. Peace of Mind

If you have issues or damage to your roof, it can take a toll. Wondering when that small leak or water stain will turn into a larger, more costly, problem is not fun. A complete roof replacement with a lifetime warranty can give you added peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

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